Litter: Stop It! Don't Drop It!

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  • Place an adequate number of trash containers and cigarette ash receptacles in parking lots as well as inside and outside of all building entrances.
  • Establish a regular schedule for emptying trash containers and ash receptacles. Avoid having trash emptied on an “as needed” basis to prevent overflows.
  • Replace broken, dirty or damaged containers and receptacles.
  • Use only covered trash containers to eliminate trash spilling or blowing out.


  • Establish the expectation that employees will pick up trash anywhere in or around your place of business. Let them know that it is not acceptable to walk past litter.
  • Remove trapped litter from landscaping, drains, gutters and fences on a regular basis.
  • Establish smoking areas with appropriate ash receptacles for employees and customers.


  • Place only tied bags of trash in outdoor dumpsters. This greatly decreases loose trash from blowing out of the dumpster during collection.
  • Enclose dumpsters as required to minimize the amount of trash that will blow to other areas of your business or onto city streets or into drainage ways.
  • Remove trash from the enclosure area regularly.


Commit to reducing loose trash from company vehicles by:

  • Requiring tarps on any vehicle transporting materials
  • Requiring tightly sealed containers to transport materials that are not covered by tarps
  • Instructing drivers to pick up any materials that have fallen off of their load
  • Instructing drivers to discard cigarette butts in vehicle ashtrays
  • Adding trash bags to company vehicles.

Become familiar with Covington’s Anti-Litter Ordinance, Chapter 42, Article III, Sections 61 through 71

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